I’m new to tumblr and I don’t really know proper tumbler etiquette so here I go.

I recently graduated from college with my BA in Liberal Studies. I invited family and friends to share, I’d would consider, a momentous event. Graduated from college is something that does not occur often so why not share it with people who I feel are important, well at least I thought were. So I HAD invited a person who I considered to be my best-friend to the graduation.

Here’s is some brief background about this person. We have been friends since we were in high school. She was probably the only high school friend that I kept in contact with. We hung out occasionally, had our occasionally girl time together, you know, the talking about boys, shopping, trips to the beach, Starbucks. Over the past 7 years, she was always one to completely bail last minute. I was always getting some type of excuse “Oh, I’m sick”, “Sorry, something came up”, “My friend called me crying about her boyfriend” “Sorry, I already have plans with someone else that day”. And EVERY TIME I’d say “Oh that’s okay I understand”. After a while when she would want to hang out, I would no longer get excited about it. I would tell myself, if she shows up, she shows up, if not then whatever. Yet, after each time she had bailed, I would be hurt all over again.

A few months back I told her about a concert a month or so and asked her if she would like to go. She said yes, so I thought okay cool I’ll buy the tickets before they get sold out. Guess what happened the day of the concert, I get a text from her saying she couldn’t go. WHAT A SURPRISE! -__- Well, I didn’t talk to her for a month. I eventually expressed how I felt about her always cancelled and how it made me feel. She apologized.

I debated for a while whether to invite her to my graduation ceremony or not. And decided that ,sure, I’ll give her one last shot. I invited her to my graduation.

Back to the present
Come the day of graduation, I thought, well if she comes cool, if not then I don’t care. Surprisingly, she showed up to the graduation ceremony. What was not so surprising, she left not too long after. She gave me some kind of crap about ‘Oh sorry, my co-worker JUST called, I have to go back to work. Blah blah blah.” She made such a big deal about how she wanted to be there for my graduation, come the day of, she wanted to leave as soon as she could. She really didn’t have to go back to work. Someone was able to cover for her. I told her to stay but it seemed as if she really did not want to be there. So she left.

It upset me pretty bad that she didn’t stay, but it showed me where exactly I stand as her “best-friend”. After speaking with friends and family that were there with me, I found out that she never planned on staying after all, and that she lied to someone else about why she had to leave.

As much as it sucks to let people go, it is something that needs to be done. The friendship was always a one way street. She only called and spoke to me about the problems she was having. When we did hang out, it was either about the past, or the BOYS she dated. I tried my best to help her, but it just seemed that she used me as a person to just vent to. Nothing was ever really gained from the friendship, there was never any growth. I don’t thinks she fully understood me as a person and that I have changed, that people to change. Yes, sometimes talking about the past, talking about guys, doing girly things is okay. But we’re adults now, I want to grow and become better and not stay in the past. A friend is someone who should help promote you to do better things, and grow along with you. Not one that holds you back from growth.

I’m officially done with this so called friendship.


(I apologize for my grammar, and spelling errors. I completely suck at both)

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